Second Time Around

September 27, 2008
I want to start over;
new town, new life,
new lights over my head as
I walk to the new store down the
new street, singing a new song as
new cars pass me with new
drivers waving—or not.
I’ll buy coffee, because I’ve never
liked coffee before but maybe
I will in my new life.
I’ll pass the books and head for
the clothes.
I’ll need a new wardrobe
in my new life,
and everyone knows all books are
the same old ones rewritten
with different characters and a
different setting—so like my
new life it’s too depressing
to even consider buying one.
I’ll go back to my new apartment,
sit on my new couch,
watch my new TV, or
maybe cook something.
I’ll learn to cook in my new life.

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