September 27, 2008
By Elizabeth Smith, Cincinnati, OH

Rumors are like snakes - they bite.
They smite me with depression.
Make me tremble with fear
Even make me shed a tear

My parents tell me they are just afraid of me as i am of them
if this is to be true
then why am i the hurt one?

In the middle of this non-sense
i try to follow my conscience
and though they are obnoxious
I will fight with common sense

Though standing up to this vissious snake is tough
I shall gracefully stand up
I'll stand still
and in the end after i feel as though my life is currupt
I remain standing up.

Oh rumor you are a snake.
You are vissious,
you are sneaky,
you are slimy,
your bite is challenge to overcome
yet you are an amazing teacher.

So thank you rumor.
Thank you snake,
for strenthening me,
for showing my true friends,
for the wisdom you gave me,
for showing me the light,
for teaching me and everything!

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