September 27, 2008
By Henry Walk, Rural Retreat, VA

You can`t destroy what`s already broken,
You can`t fix what emotions shattered by others,
Silence the noise,
Distress the emotional disturbance,
Dangle the fortuitous beauty of the soul,
Throw pain at her like it doesn`t matter,
They`re so pathetic,
Vulnerable attacks direct onto her weakened body,
She's emotionally unable, and physically weak,
She never looks back on the others she left behind,
Day in, and, Day out,
She prepares herself for the worst,
She shuts herself away from the world,
Only to be hurt again from one simple mistake,
It`s so pathetic.

Take her down,
Show her what you really are deep inside,
Bottled up you know she isn`t the one,
You take away her purity from one night for sweet delect,
She stays hurt for so long,
Without anyone to turn to,
She shuts off the world,
Nowhere to run she hides in herself,
Crying deeply,
Dying slowly inside,
Broken she runs astray,
She destroys all that she has left,
She is the sweet innocent curse you have ruined,
She will always be the one you`ve killed without fatality,
You`re so pathetic.

The author's comments:
Filipino American. Writing is my passion.

What inspired me was one person who is not in my life anymore at this point.

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