September 27, 2008
You know that kid in the background,
Kinda hidden and never shown,
They won't be staying there much longer,
They'll be cool and they'll be known,

You know that kid who is perfect,
Never makes a mistake,
Guess what, they ain't perfect,
and I'll prove it all the way.

You know that kid
with the head in the book,
If that's who you think I am,
then take another look.

I'm not the teen you thought you knew,
I can be someone else too,
She'll be coming out tonight,
She's just been hidden out of sight,
She'll be coming out really soon,
She'll be humming a little tune.
It'll turn into an entire song,
And you'll want to sing along.

Expectations won't stick to me,
I'm going to be all that I can be.

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