Was It All a Dream?

September 27, 2008
By Tierra Hohn, Toronto, ZZ

she walks onto the stage,
everyone is staring,
the spotlight is on her, does she feel daring?
She worked her whole life for this and all she needs is one chance,
one moment to prove to everyone that she is worthy and that they were all wrong, these opportunities don't come at you on a regular basis.
This is a once in a life opportunity, never again will she be faced with this.
She has her one moment to shine so she pushes it to the limit and gives it everything she's got! Theres nothing to lose, she's already come this far, why turn around and stop?

one moment you have
one moment you have
embrace it as much as you can
because this is the one moment you have

This is your dream little girl,
you have already done fought, no more crying, no more worries, your hopes and desires have come true...all the struggles and sacrifices you had, you've already made it through, your dream is completed its no longer the world against you!

You did it little girl, this is A DREAM COME TRUE!

But than you woke up...
Placed back into reality...
So close but yet so far...

Was it all a dream?

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this piece was to show an everyday occurance in one's life, everyone has a dream and usually to fulfill that dream you only get one chance. Some never do fulfill that dream because of fear but others find the strength within them and make it happen!

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