Remember Our Goodbye

September 27, 2008
By Anonymous

Let's reminisce about the time we spent together
Remember the day, as we both crossed each other's life trails?
Now, all that's left of you is a trail of white feathers
I remember, we'd laugh and laugh about our little tall tales
It makes sense, you'd belong far up there
While I stay, watching you, from down here
From the day you died
Time slowly goes, passing by
From feeling deprived
I found myself in front of you, in a clouded mist
I can't see you, but I lay my hands upon you, wishing for one last kiss
Blindly, I don't even realize that sun turns to moon
Love is too fast, like the orange sunset, like your death, all too very soon
Love can never bring someone back, despite what they say
One last look in the radiant moons ray
I open my mouth and whisper to say
"I love you, but I'll be okay and au revoir ce soir je suis desole..."

The author's comments:
Poerty is severely under rated and rap is over rated. But what if two could be combined? Epik High (My fav. Korean hip hop group) has shown me that poetry can take any form, as long as you have the pen, and the dream, anything can fly. Check them out if you can. They have inspired me to write this poem.

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