A Sense of Panama

September 27, 2008
By Delisia Cuebas, New York, NY

I see the tropical colors
I smell the spicy baked beans
I hear the sassy beats of the Panamanian tunes,
I feel the fruits knocking me from the trees
I taste the crispy fresh fish,
I notice the dryness of my lips
And the want of a sweet Spanish kiss
But I stop to wonder and look,
Am I in Panama?
Or just imagining through a Panamanian book.

The author's comments:
At a very young age I found great interest in writing stories and poems. In the third grade I even won an award for an essay about my mom. So I guess you can say writing is something I love! However, I just love anything that becomes a work of art or my own little creation, because ones creativity and true thoughts play a huge role in their imagination! So being a Panamanian did inspire me to write a poem that showed or shared my feelings about the time I went to Panama. So to all the poets out there, the best thing to do is imagine,think,and share!

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