Will you be Mine?

September 26, 2008
Down the hall,
geometry, science, and lunch
Your eyes catch mine,
we both instantly smile
I blush when you say "Hey"...
Halfway down the hall,
i see those golden locks
of yours at locker 1313...
You don't know about
how much i care for you,
I hunger for your scent..Axe essence
My eyes miss yours when we're apart
That smile of yours drives me crazy,
mine however, unkissed, wants company,
but most of all... I want your love

I won't just give you a piece of my heart,
you can have the whole D*** thing
I'll do anything for your love,
if i don't have it soon, my heart may shatter at the thought
And if i never receive your love, i just may die inside...
you wouldn't want that, would you?

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