September 26, 2008
By Anonymous

That night I left to a friends,
didn't think that night would be the end.
A knock at the door,
the information I heard made me feel unsure.
Her sould lifted
as my heart shifted.
Speeds to the hospital, I try to keep myself calm,
but the news I just heard hit me like a bomb.
Racing in the doors
I take the elevator up a couple of floors.
Rushing to her room, my heart pounds,
and my soul fills with gloom.
Sitting by her bedside
I can't hold my head uphigh.
I touch her skin
temperatures ice thin.
No chest movement
isn't easy to take in.
I want her to be alive but I know
the pain she was in wasn't easy to survive.
Her last weeks went by real slow,
we could all tell she was afraid to let go.
The sedation led her to death,
her funeral was the only thing that was left.
Riding to Oklahoma with one friend by my side,
she was there for me everytime I cried.
The burial was hard to take
but I wanted to see her before it was too late.

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