Fighting the Sky

September 26, 2008
By Clopsey PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Clopsey PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Every day the rain would fall down
And each time somebody would miss their turn
And when my day was to come around
I told the sky it had a bit to learn
I would not miss my turn to fly
A one-time chance wouldn’t simply go by
And though I knew it wouldn’t last long
If I could pull it off, it couldn’t go wrong
So listen, sky, here I am
This is me and I’m on land
And I won’t wait for all your clouds to blow away
Everybody else may say your too strong
But my goal is not for us to get along
And I’m telling you there will not be rain today

You may have filled the ocean
And eroded giant mountains
And maybe other people ran
But I don’t fear your driving rains
I do not have Noah’s Ark
And yes, I find you clouds quite stark
You have the force of thousands’ fear
But I can drown in just one tear
And though your lightning’s plenty bright
I will be asleep at night
Covered and simply out of your reach
Your thunder’s voice is plenty strong
But I can hear in it a song
Even you must learn before you teach

A single blow where one is weak
Is worth a thousand where they are strong
Giving one a chance to speak
Can show where they are wrong
Maybe you will find yourself
Lured in by false power and wealth
You may think that you have won
To find your opponent’s not yet come
Don’t assume they haven’t merely overslept
You may make a strong attack
And think it’s over when they hang back
Just know that doesn’t mean they’re at all inept

Perhaps your previous battles fought
You’ve won through strength and might
That won’t cause all to be distraught
For there are many ways to fight.

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This article has 1 comment.

FHlala said...
on Oct. 11 2008 at 12:09 am
just remember that 'your' is possessive and you're is 'you are.' but it's great!


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