September 26, 2008
By Kelly Nicholson, Paris, IL

On a rainy day a daughter was driving her mother
To the doctor when the unexpected happened
She lost control of that fast moving car
The daughter walked away without a scratch
But the mother was another story

She was rushed to the hospital
And put in Critical Care
The doctors said the new medicine would help
Since she was so close to death
But what happened next was another story

That night when the clock stroked twelve
That new medicine took on a life of its own
The mother was transformed from the gentle, loving person she was
To a destructive monster with an orange glow
She became a whole other story

The nightmarish monster started destroying everything in its path
Nothing could stop it, not even the army
When the daughter stood before her mother
The monster didn’t even recognize her
And aimed to kill…

Then all of a sudden everything melts away
To a girl’s bedroom with the bedside light on and whispering
It’s all right, nothing going to hurt you
Grandma and Great Grandma are all right
It was all just a bad dream

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