Where the Jackal Rules

September 26, 2008
By Anonymous

Where dark angels dance on broken feet
the spot'd jackal whips 'round 'n screams
With eyes like mirrors the angels don't see
Who sucks on their bones,
Bears their green teeth
Cherub and seraphim drink blood in the womb
Enter the wasteland in their mother's tomb
Grow like the wolf, screech at the moon
rip at sisters and brothers
break baby's mirror in the room
Guess the pretty jackal sings her lullaby
Creep in the shadows for whenever she cry
Wait in the sky for mama Lucy to die
Call all the vultures
To suck her tears dry
Baby girl of the fallen n'er came out white
Walked 'cross the black desert 'n ne'er saw the light
Behind her windows they had a feast
Nothin' left down there for 'em to eat
Lucy's baby ain't got no diamonds for eye's
She got one way mirrors 'n jackel's lies
Brother 'n father don't have a war
Except for the pack they joined, but don't know what for
The dark ain't here, and it ain't getting there
But all four of 'em walk the line with out a care
Brother pinches and pulls at Baby's hair
Father's long gone
Lucy don't care
The thirsty jackal's are movin' in
Big birds fly high, swoop 'n swim
Eight sandy feet, they're all broken in
No running today
The games already winned
Four more dark angels dance on fiery sands
Food for the jackals with blood on their hands
Don't try to tell me its all a joke
That all we been doin' aint already broke
When jackal build castles
And angel can't dance
Don't bother tellin' me
We got a prayer of a chance

The author's comments:
I'm about to enter a broken society and this is what I feel and see about and in that.

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