Naptime in Kindergarten

September 26, 2008
By Jenny Park, Parker, CO

At this time of day,
When there's no words to say,
When teachers get so tired,
And they want to be fired,
They send us off to bed,
So they can calm their head,
We all fall asleep,
Deep, deep, deep.

Cubbies have such mystery,
Here comes curiosity.
First the green the blue the red,
All of this above my head.
Out comes toys and drinks and food,
Not a thought I'm being rude.
Sipping juice while eating bread,
Everyone sleeps like the dead.

Playing here is so much fun,
But soon, the fun is done.
Teachers come to wake us now,
I can escape but how?

First the green the blue the red,
There's the juice and here's the bread.
In goes toys and drinks and food,
They won't know what I've been through.
Now that everything is done,
Recess comes it's time to run!

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