September 26, 2008
From the undermined depths
Where there is no gold
But the black stuff that
Constantly leaks into the oceans
Through the waves and stop
Here below my feet
Under housing for somebody
Whos understanding is beyond
That of a little bit of salt
Mixed in with meals served out
To swans and their songs
Sing the day after desperate
And you are not for one
Who holds holy blood in your veins
Where as the black stuff has collected
Unison collective in paramaters
Something beautiful in a skeleton
Holding on till his death
To the walking stick that helped support
His dead leg that prevented him from walking
Mountain to mountain
Uniformal sight of the mind
Shows me that we have the letters
To spell what we want
Yet it sheilds us from the moods
That we can not watch in dramas
But since then the remains of all that remain
Can't say the same in shame
In lecture...
...who put the candy in their eyes
To watch us through stained tears
In the corridors beyond the Alpha
In bedtime stories the heroes were long forgotten
As the sun sets over the blue horrizons
And we feel the pitch of darkness
All those memories lost within it
Starting a new day
When we will repeat the same day after day
Everytime the sun touches down
We forget all that is real
Losing touch with ourselves
Only with the one called President
Can we be lead
Until the next day

But can we trust it?

But can we trust in him?

But can we trust?

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