that freshmen in the corner

September 24, 2008
i had figured that high school
would be the answer to all my questions
but what good is an answer, if it
only instigates more bewilderment

and who knew the gap was this far apart?
for slip-soul boys and intersellar girls
the world just got bigger, and i thought it was what i wanted

the upperclass always seemed to be
deeper than the average wading pool
but then you see they don't care.
they just can't wait to get out

and age diversity, does it make a difference?
the street lamps are my light
i just don't have enough of them
so my writing sways from its lines

again, again.
the keyboard finds the answer, with my fingers as a guide
but the studio audience doesn't applaud
i just pretend to be surprised
and can't you see i'm drowning?

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