Mask Poem

September 24, 2008
Hidden behind a mask full of fights,
That lasted all day,
And all night.
Living behind a computer every night,
That's what started all the fights,
Hides only a little girl,
With a little fright which will scare her every night.
Almost every night she'd cry herself to sleep,
Everyday going to school with little to eat.
Everyday after school she'd go to her fantasy life,
Sometimes wishing she'd just kill her mother with a knife,
Because of her sorrow and stupid life.
Depressed and sad,
And what would really make her mad,
Was trying to "mold" into every "fad",
But each and every one came out bad.
Trying hard to fit in,
She knew she couldn't win,
Then her life went down the bin,
Like said earlier,
She knew she couldn't win.
No matter how hard she tried,
She just wished she'd of died,
Telling everyone she'd lied.
She'd turn to her fantasy family and friends,
Knowing that her life would never end,
Sometimes wishing she'd just have one friend,
She would be alone until the worlds end.
As the years have gone,
Everything went wrong,
And all she heard was the slow ticking of the clock giong,
Ding, Dong,
As her world has become too long.
Soon after she will find,
That when nothing else comes to mind,
That there's a little bit of hope,
In everyone's heart,
For that little girl to find her way through her troubles.

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