This Is Me

September 24, 2008
By Rebecca Nolan, Haverhill, NH

They said I can't, so I said I can,
They said I won't, so I said I will,
They said I wouldn't, so I said I could,
They told me no, so I told them yes,
They tried to stop me from doing it, so I kept going,
They left me all alone, so I made the best of it,
They took away my life, so I lived alone,
They took away my friends, so I made new ones,
They never gave me a chance, so I gave myself one,
They told me not to bother with it, so I did it anyway,
They told me not to try it, so I tried anyway,
They gave me a life of my own, so I took it,
They never let me have my own way, so I made things different,
They wouldn't let me go out, so I stayed in,
They said I shouldn't try it, so I did my best,
They said it wouldn't be easy, so I found out the hard way,
They didn't want me to lead my life without a life, so I led my life that way anyway,
They wanted me to stay, but I wanted to go,
They tried to stop me from leaving, so I left anyway,
They never let me have any freedom, so I led my own life,
They told me I wouldn't make it, so I said look at me now,
Who will ever understand me?
Will I ever understand them?

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Carolinagirl said...
on Sep. 30 2008 at 11:51 pm
Hey Rebecca, Nice've got talent!!!! I


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