September 24, 2008
By jacqueline albino, Bronx, NY

When I See Him My Heart Beats Fiercely. I Don't Know If What I Feel For Him Is Love Or I Just Have A Crush For Him.i Dress Attractive For Him And I Always Want To Be Where His At.

Every time I Tried To Talk To Him I Become So Nervous That I Run From Him. What I Feel For Him Is A Warm Fuzzy Feeling That I Cant Understand.

When He Hugs Me To Say Hello To Me I Feel Like All Of My Problems Are Gone And That In This World Is Just Me And Him. I Love The Way He Looks At Me With His Hazel Eyes It Makes Me Think That He Feels Something For Me.

When Me And Him Are In A Room Alone I Become So Shy That I Mumble When He Speaks To Me. Why Do I Become So Nervous Around Him? Why Cant I Speak To Him? Does He Feel The Same Way I Feel For Him? I Keep Asking Myself This Questions Every Heart Tells Me That What I Feel For Him It Is Love.

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