Damnation .. Maybe in sleep

September 24, 2008
By Crystalwood SILVER, Nunnelly, Tennessee
Crystalwood SILVER, Nunnelly, Tennessee
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The worlds all done spinning, and the dance is over. I didn’t even get to see the Queen and my dress was all torn from all the circles I went in. I see you. Take me away. Alone and cold, dead inside, I bled from past dreams of nightmares, misunderstood questions, liars among quitters. How perfectly they seems to fit together. What happened to me? I fell down the rabbit hole and instead of hitting rock bottom, I touched the lily pads. The water was wine, shining gold like rubies and tasted as sweet as red. Smile uncomfortably in dawn silence, and walk into the beautifully bright darkness. My grave was set in tomb beside yours. How I thought the ground was going to glow instead it shimmered blissfully blue. Forced to understand the understanding I forgot to get the meaning. The war was never over, for it had ever truly begun. The skies laughed in dark tries, the clouds were purple there, a mesmerizing color. I was sucked in, and I began to spin again. Home was only a moment away, but who would wish to leave. Faeries sang your sleep and King’s offered tempting happiness. Please let it touch my lips. I closed my eyes, again darkness covered them. I thought light was here, and now I’m sure it’s just me, and that your just perfect to me. I’m lost again in darkness and your my only light, I hate it when you leave. Can’t you see the songs as well as me? They monition, that’s how they touch me. Taste my blood it can be as delicious as you, I swear. Let’s move on. To happier things, like love. How it can fix everything and nothing. Mindless games in the distance of lovely little flower stars. Shining bright in different dreams. Good-Bye. Goodnight, don’t forget your the ending to the beginning of this fairy tale ending.

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