Puppet Master

September 24, 2008
By Amanda Tilden BRONZE, Marion, Massachusetts
Amanda Tilden BRONZE, Marion, Massachusetts
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She cringes, rolls her eyes
As though all the words that escape the girl’s lips
Burn her like a branding iron
If she were brave she would free herself-
Look her puppet master in the face
And scream
Scream like the devil has her soul
She supposes in a way it does-
Choices are not her own
She moves the way the enemy wants her to
A prisoner

Her fear serves as her shackles
Holding her in place
All to belong
Terrified of the loneliness
Safety in numbers, she thinks
She looks to her left, to her right
Perhaps they feel the same
Trapped along with her
Everyone fears the wrath
That they had felt only one time more
The door wide open for escape-
They could see the sanctuary through their tears,

Feel the relief in their veins!
Right before they slammed it shut.

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