To Be Human

September 24, 2008
Man is aware of nothing that can compare to them a difference between man, only what's seen, not necessarily unseen; a difference between the problem that is and might have been. Most humans strive to be and meet that perfect 10. Aware of the situation that goes on around. Situations that only man has discovered, found. Humans are the only creatures that recognize different changes; structured in many different rages. Involved in the world, which has evolved, man curiosly gets involved; seeing the many transformations adn attempts to solve. Man regrets, capable of the process why, how or what if? They wish for whatever is clearly isn't, or does plainly doesn't. Man has the ability to out smart much faster. Even the most intricate and complex arts are mastered. If you are not humnan and you think you are the best, assume that any of us will gladly put you to the test. You cannot accomplish if you settle for the less. The best revenge is difinitely success!

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Oct. 10, 2008 at 3:20 pm
This poem is very complex and offers a lot of insight to what teen writers are thinking about. sometimes simple subject matter produces deep discussions such as this. Young people should definitely engage in thoughtful conversation, this is what you get out of it. GREAT POEM!!!
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