To: Giraffe

September 23, 2008
By Anonymous

some people find it strange
to be friends with a giraffe.
with her legs so tall and graceful,
her neck reaches the sky,
she plucks the clouds,
for me.

if my giraffe planted a cherry pit
into the midnight sky,
I swear by sunrise,
the sky would be full of mini cherries,
luscious shades of bright

my giraffe worries about not having
other little giraffes to play with,
I laugh, she’s the only giraffe I know.
all the animals sneak off noah’s ark
just to see her graze.

I worry she will turn away,
roam off and hang me to dry,
with no clouds, no cherries,
no animals to pet.

but one look into those chocolate eyes,
and I know I am the fool.

I am friends with a giraffe,
is that so strange?


The author's comments:
This is for one of my best friends.

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