The Other Side

September 23, 2008
This is your wakeup call into the unknown,
The blissful abyss called the twilight zone.
Nothing is real.
But everything's true
In this parallel universe,
You're anyone but you.
Welcome to Oz.
You've come through the mirror.
Nothing makes sense,
But everything's clearer.
The skies are green,
The grass is blue.
Greetings, dear friend,
This is Solla Sollew.
You're here on a mission,
One only you can find.
Once that is solved,
You're in the right state of mind.
When that time comes,
You'll open your eyes,
And re-enter the world
That you've now defied.

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persempre said...
Mar. 23, 2009 at 10:16 pm
This has very interesting thoughts but I feel like you abruptly end them without trying to dive into them and express them to your full understanding. Try to explore where you can take these thoughts, maybe try to thread a narrative into it.
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