Miracle at Midnight

September 23, 2008
By Tyler Smith, Park City, UT

Dedicated to: My Aunt Laura

Sleepovers were always the same,
You would stay up all night watching movies,
Then someone would fall asleep,
You would mess with them.

A normal sleepover was planned,
We planned to stay up all night playing risk,
We all eventually got bored,
So we went to check on my aunt’s pregnant dog.

She was lying in a room fenced of from the male dog,
A panicked look was on the female dog’s face,
We did our best to calm her and relax her,
Of to bed we went when we were done.

All of use almost fully asleep,
All of the sudden my aunt comes running in,
She was screaming, “We have puppies!”
Quickly we ran into the room with the female dog,

Lying there next to the dog was a small puppy,
It was tiny, shining and had no fur,
Unexpectedly more and more puppies came,
Finally she was done and 9 little puppies were lying there

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