Basically Yes, Technically No.

September 23, 2008
By Marcus Stevenson, Center, CO

filling up a canvas was never seen as easy
though i know someone will speculate
that i'm just different and life's not fair
i just want you to know i don't regret

because there's a longing i deem uneasy
something restless rising up inside my chest
i have an urge to call it nostalgia
but that's an understatement, at best

this feeling is now what drives me
the flood is on its way
deeper than you care to see
so listen while i say

this is my distress call, to know i'm not alone
'cause small town spirits on grassy fields will no longer contain
the heart beneath my floorboards
won't ever be the same

if you will, dial one for response
and confirm my best of fears
but if not, hang up the phone
or I’ll be drowning in your jeers

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