Im falling

September 23, 2008
Looking in the mirror,
i see a face of a girl i once knew,
eyes once filled with life and hope,
chin use to be held so high,
now those eyes are so empty,
with a stair as cold as death itself,
with skin so pale, looking down,
relizing nothings going to be the same,
nothing was ever the same,
the thought of who i use to be discusts me,
who im becoming scares me,
who i want to be so far out of reach,
feeling as if im falling,
with nothing to grab onto,
nothing to help catch me,
to help break my fall,
sometimes feeling as if it never stops,
as if its never-ending,
unable to breath,
as if the presure is crushing me as i fall farther and farther down,
clenching the sides of the sink,
i close my eyes,
unable to stand the sight of my own refection anylonger,
as i pull my hair into a pony-tail,
i try to forget,
though the memory is burned into my head,
i walk out of the room,
repeating to myself,
"im through"

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