The Luck of the Irish

September 23, 2008
The Luck of the Irish

Have you ever heard the phrase the luck of the Irish?
I’m here to tell you that phrase is not true.
I am of Irish heritage
But instead of green, my color is blue.

Blue is my favorite color
For it symbolizes my life.
A life full of unhappiness;
A life full of sorrow and strife.

So many deaths,
Too many things,
There’s so much pain
That love often brings.

I’m walking home with a bottle of ale.
Not far behind me is my pub.
But still I feel the only way to drown these scornful memories,
Is to sink down and forever sleep under the running water in the tub.

Lord, I need you here
To help me through this.
Please lend me a hand and
Pull me away to a moment of bliss.

My story may be sad
But true.
I am nothing more
Than the color blue.

The one thing that I will never do again
Is make a simple wish.
For it does not work well for me,
This dreadful luck of the Irish.

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