Sugar on my Tounge

September 23, 2008
Your words are like a sword to the heart,
Piercing the soul and leaving me to die.
As I lie there and try to catch my breath,
I wonder what it was like to die.
What it was like to have every spec of energy sucked from your body,
Not being able to breath, move or think.
I laugh to myself and gaze at the moon, lingering there.
I have had all this happen to me, but why am I still here; alive and breathing.
Alive but not thriving.
I am a cold corpse wandering the earth, alone, afraid and mad as heck.
I walk all around looking for the one who caused my soul to die
Revenge is sweet, but the pain I can cause will be like sugar on my tongue

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peacelovehappiness said...
Feb. 25, 2009 at 12:26 am
really good writing
i like your metaphors
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