Clearly Lost

September 23, 2008
By Nate Shelzi, Scottsdale, AZ

Clear lost, clearly hidden
The binding love we share is playing with us.
Over here...

Over there...
Count to thirty, come find me,
Hiding there...

Hiding here...
I catch your tranceful smell dancing blissfully around my nostrils like two professional ballerinas.
I turn around... I swear I saw your red dress fluttering behind the big, saddened oak tree in the middle of the extraordinary, lush, green forest.
A hallucination, playing games
Trickful mind, Tricking eyes
Feeling lost in a continous swirl of time
Where are you hiding?
Well hidden?... or... trickful mind... tricking eyes.
Maybe your right in front of me, waving your arms and our love is so clearly lost.
I turn in almost infinite circles, the world spinning around me erratically, I feel like giving up and walking away.
Yet our binding love doesnt allow our game to cease.
Clearly lost, clearly hidden.

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