Where I'm From

September 24, 2008
By Lacey Lynch, Roswell, NM

I am from late night dancin’ and starry skies.
From “Suck it up” and “Get back on.”
I am from gettin’ thrown in the water trough,
And rinsin’ the river mud out of my shorts.

I am from wakin’ up at 3 in the mornin’ and stayin’ up till the work’s done.
From long days on a horse’s back, and findin’ all the strays.
I am from “Change that tire yourself.”
And “Well, you shouldn’t have got it stuck.”

I am from barbwire fences and workin’ boots.
From Rocky Mountain Oysters and “I dare you to eat that.”
I am from “Don’t forget yer spurs!”
And Mexican Food after a long day of brandin’.

I am from “Bull Rider’s Queen” and watchin’ from the chutes.
From “I’ll fix your broken heart” to “please kiss my rear.”
I am from sittin’ on pickup beds,
And dancin’ on the trailer roof.

I am from rodeo; the dirt, blood, and screamin’ crowd.
From dusty cowboys and the smell of burnt cowhide.
I am from findin’ my soul on the back of a horse,
And findin’ my ribs with my face full of dirt.

I am from Queen Hats and starched Wranglers.
From polished boots and weekend clinics.
I am from Queen Waves in the parade,
And carrying the American Flag at a hometown rodeo .

I am from too many honors classes, not enough summertime.
From too many things to do and never enough time to get them done.
I am from road trips in my dreams
And freedom on my horizon.

I am from cigarette burns and a dusty old truck.
From kinks in my rope and a crooked saddle horn.
I am from an old tractor that’s always breaking down,
and an old straw hat that is streaked from blood, sweat, and dust.

I am from songs by Katy Perry and “Closets these days…”
From long distance calls and Amarillo on my mind.
I am from “Be nice to me.”
And I love you till the end.

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