September 24, 2008
By Sha'Neikqua Stewart, Dermott, AR

When i am around you i cant control myself i start getting butterflies inside and smiling constantly everytime you talk. i like it when we make eye connection and you give me that lil wink and smile. i get nervous when you move closer to me and my heart start to pound uncontrollably. when i am around you i cant keep my hands still i start getting butterflies inside and my hands start to tremble. when we start talking i laugh at everything that you say because im so nervous and you try really hard not to notice it. you think its just friendship when i really have deep feelings for you. butterflies take over my body as i hear your deep, soft, manly voice. but i will continue to be your friend and maybe later on you will notice the feelings i have for you until then ill enjoy the feelings of the butterflies.

love ya

The author's comments:
I have a crush on this boy and everytime i look at him or when he gets close to me i just get butterflies. i hope you enjoy my piece of work.

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