Hiding in Plain Sight

September 23, 2008
I am hiding in plain sight,
But no one is looking for me.

While they’re having a great time,
I’m wallowing in my own self pity.
I pine to imitate them,
But I just can’t.

It’s complicated to hide from people,
When they don’t know you’re hiding.
It’s awkward to lie to people,
When they trust you.

I am engrossed in my own loneliness,
But I am not looking for a way out,
And it’s pathetic.
I hate myself.

I attempt to cover it up by appearing sapient,
But it’s all a ruse,
Just another lie that I spin
To cover up whom I truly am.

I am mordacious,
Just so people will notice me.
I pretend not to be an idealist,
Cause then people might actually see me.

I play the part of the misanthrope well,
I’ve practiced for many years.
I pretend to hate those around me,
When actually, I really do care….
More than you could ever imagine.

I hide behind egotistical outward actions,
But I am not really that arrogant.
I just don’t want to get too close.

For me things never go as planned.
This started out as a poem,
But turned into a confessional that you will never read.
Because there is no you.

But now that you know who I am,
Can you see me hiding in plain sight?

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