Mad @ You

September 24, 2008
By Autumn Goodwin, Kapolei, HI

Think again if you think I’ll come back
Blink again if you think you see me clearly
Listen again if you think you hear my voice
I’m not gonna crawl back to you
You’ll be the one begging me
So forget it
It’s not gonna happen
Just drop it
There is no way I’ll ever get back with you
The way you treated me was unbelievable
I’m not a toy you can throw around
You can’t use me for affection
Maybe I was wrong
Maybe you aren’t what I thought you were
No, not maybe
I WAS wrong
You don’t deserve me
You don’t deserve anything
All you will ever have in life will leave
I swear, you need to straighten up if you ever want a true love
If you expect life to just fall at your feet and make you glad
You’re so wrong
Nothing is going to bow down to you
Girls aren’t servants
We don’t come and go as YOU please
We look for a heart
I may not like the one you choose over me
But I know she’s too good for you anyway
I may think she is heartless
But she does have a soul
Unlike you
All you are is a body without a true heartbeat
A pulse, yes
A heart, no
Feelings, yes
A soul, no
Or do you have feelings
Does anything make you happy
Can anything satisfy you
I highly doubt it
No one in the world can measure up to the almighty YOU
You AREN’T omnipotent
No one needs to even care about you
No one SHOULD care about you
I’ve been hurt before
But never like this
I’ve been crushed,
Stepped on
Pounded into the ground
But never like this
This is totally different
Everything about you is different
You are constantly changing
Never the same as yesterday
I’m glad I’m ending us
I couldn’t take another day
Wondering you you’ll be when the sun comes up
It is so over

The author's comments:
This is really how I feel... I wrote this when I was very angry but I'm feeling better now.

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