God's Hugs

September 26, 2008
I saw a little girl today
Wide smile and loving eyes
She looked to be only five
Her daddy walked beside her
And I saw a tear role out his eye
As I watched it fall from his face to the floor
It rocked the world without a sound
It hit me hard that she won't make it
And as I sat on the stairs looking up
She walked up to me
And without even asking for it
She wrapped her arms as far as they would go around me
And looked me in the eye and said
The strongest words I'd ever heard:

"you know I'll be alright
Daddy Knows it too
He says it all the time
And though I'm slowly dying
My time right here is worth it
Cause dad says that God is watching me
And writing down the things I do
He says that if I stay strong
I'll make it through
And God will hug me too."

Her dad walked up and sat beside me
And with her hands still wrapped around me
She looked at him and smiled
And slowly started to let go
To run off and play
I looked to him and almost cried
Because by now a flood fell from his eyes

I put my arm around him
I couldn't help but say I'm sorry
He said:
"don't you worry son
Someday you'll understand
Cause she may be a little one
But she's only having fun
She does that all the time
Hugs those she doesn't know
It's like she sees them understand
And wants to thank them for their love
Because boy I'll tell ya this

You know she'll be alright
I know it too
I tell her all the time
And though she may be dying
Her time right here is worth it
Because I've told her God is watching her
And writing down the things she does
I've told her to stay strong
And she will make it through."

I didn't know that little girl
But she soon beccame my friend
I'd talked to her every now and then
Just to make sure she's okay
Her dad and I would hang out
From time to time
Just to help him through the pain
And three months after I had met her
I was standing at her grave
With her family all around me
We sang her favorite lullaby
And said out lasts goodbye
When someon in the back
Came to me and said:

"You know that she's alright
I know it too
Because she's up there in heaven
And God gave her a hug
He had written all the things she'd done
And gave her her rewards
The best toys she could imagine
So now she's watching down on us
And is sending out her love."

It was raining hard that day
But I didn't feel a thing
Cause just like we had met
I felt her arms around me
ANd all the love she'd showed me.

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...irie... said...
Dec. 9, 2009 at 7:22 am
This is really good,especially the flow.Great poem!
sroland said...
Oct. 12, 2008 at 3:22 pm
I love this narrative poem- what a story!
Christina said...
Sept. 30, 2008 at 12:46 am
I almost didn't read it because it was long, but once I started reading it, I didn't want to stop.
A little sappy, but I loved it.
Is it a true story?
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