Ten Years

September 25, 2008
It seems so cliché
To have found a person
At seventeen years old
(I was sixteen at the time)
Who appeals to me in a romantic way
The way that I imagine my possible
Future, maybe, I don't even know
Husband will

It seems so cliché
Like Pretty Woman
That I would leave him behind
Because I simply cannot get passed his
First Kiss
Or his hand with mine
Or even that he's not exactly attractive

(As the cliché goes)
Couldn't I have met him later
We see each other at a high school
Reunion, will either of us be married
And will I finally see in him
All that was hidden to me before
And will I still admire everything
That he is
And everything that he will become
In ten years' time

Will I love him as much then
As I do now?

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DarknessDweller13 said...
Sept. 30, 2008 at 5:57 am
DEV DEV!! I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH! you are amazing! i'm so happy to see you're work up here, this one is beautiful, i love it ^^ miss you lots and congratulations!!
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