Under The Knife

September 25, 2008
By Nicholas Springer, South Salem, NY

I awoke blood stained,
Dead in spirit
Ready for heaven, sinking to hell
Angels and devils calling, but I could not hear it

How did I lose this
This battle for life
Killing me slowly
Filling me with strife

Pain, suffering,
Knock me out now, in this cold, cold night
I’m being taken out, taken in
To put up one last fight

Can not think,
Brain is dead
Bleeding, broken, infected,
All been said

And did I just awake,
If only for a minute
Only to convulse, scream, cry
Let me finish this

Please, please god
I can’t take it much longer
I’m dead inside and out
Room dark and somber

And the light finally shows
At the end of this game
Is it time to continue
Or say thanks for playing?

The author's comments:
This piece is about an instance in my life which was both the hardest challenge to overcome and the most lifechanging of all I've faced. Enjoy.

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