It's Called Romance

September 25, 2008
Nauseating, heart pounding, head throbbing, time stopping


The kind that dances at the touch of their skin upon yours

Honest, Strong, Naive and pure

The thing that we reach out for arms flung wide

When we have it we run and fly faster than any had ever dreamt possible and we live life moment to moment with their smile shining brightly in ours

Lose it and you hold the memories tightly to your breast

Sucking every once of life out of those lost fleeting moments and griping tighter to them as they dwindle away

You search for it anew brighter and stronger than the first

You search for a fire that burns past eternity but you know what you had will never be forgotten nor surpassed

For as you smile you feel their warmth, you see there bright eyes and you know that for an instant you lived greater than those who came before you,

Richer than the greatest of kings with more glory than each and every Greek god

You built wings out of love and soared past the sun

You became strong and weak all at once

You became the face behind the word love

You became life itself

You together defined what Webster could not

With each kiss and each touch with each and every whisper and embrace

Creating more beauty than the sonnets of Shakespeare and putting more meaning behind them

Simply put what you created

Its called romance.

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