September 25, 2008
By Danielle GOLD, Princeton, Texas
Danielle GOLD, Princeton, Texas
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When I lie down and look up at the clouds in the sky
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder…
Just how many people just stop and stare up at the clouds and do they happen to see what I see
Or do they just see clouds
And not pictures or signs of their destiny.
Like I know people stare at the moon and ask why.
But do people really look at the clouds and ask why?
Or do they just see the rain built up!
And if they do see the pictures
Do they try to find the reason
In why they see that certain picture?
And if two people just happened to have
Looked up at the same clouds,
Would they see the same thing or two different pictures?
So the next time you look at the clouds ask yourself
“What do I see and why do I see that,
And is somebody thinking about that same thing?”

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