Words From A Broken Heart

September 25, 2008
she craves being held all through the night.
she loves being told she's amazing.
she longs for the arms of the person she loves.
she asks for marriage with a solid yes as a response.
she gives the biggest kisses, just because.
she agrees to give kisses more, seeing the bliss she was creating.
she hates being far away.
she strives for the taste of those lips.
she thinks they share a soul.
they feel they are the same person.
and with a painful silence, a whisper broke the air.
she spoke of her wish for the world to see
how beautiful the love they had
really was.
she wished secrets would die
and life would become visible.
lost, she now sits alone.
wishing, waiting, longing
for her love to bring her home.

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