September 25, 2008
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My eyes are closing from burning pain.
I'm suffering and glancing at life slowly walking away.
I wave all around and scream out tonight.
So, come to my rescue or lay there to your delight.
I never said never, but tonight may be that night.
I'll never make it through my selfish unloving life.
Because of my past I get nothing from you.
So, returns... no never will I get them out of you.
Scraping the dirt off of my eyes.
It's falling into my cuts and their bleeding inside..
To a end so deep that never comes to mind.
So, I'm saying this now..
How sorry I am.
I pray you'll forgive me for who I have been.

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uniquefreak3000 said...
Sept. 30, 2008 at 7:27 pm
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! You got published! I gave you five stars.
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