In The Room

September 25, 2008
I glanced and you smiled…
It was in politeness or rather my reaction
that I smiled back.
I was flushed but you didn’t seem to notice.
My knees gave and wiggled.
I sat and you sat.
I kept my distance but you did very
well in diminishing the rift.
I didn’t know how to handle my
emotions, my feelings but they came anyway.
You had those eyes, those piercing, violet eyes.
I couldn’t look away, or maybe it was that
I choose not to look away.
You looked straight through me and yet, I didn’t mind…
You became the author, the pen on my unwritten pages.
I didn’t understand exactly what was going on but
something was beginning.
I couldn’t speak; it was like a trance.
I heard you and I know you heard me too.
Thoughts intertwined, things started to unwind.
It was like another world, nothing else existed.
I saw the emptiness, the shadows, the ugly and the dark.
However, there was happiness, the bright song,
and the melody heart.
I grew dizzy; everything became a blur, yet it smelled
strangely sweet.
Strangely comforting, yet so unfamiliar.
Then, there I was again, in the room.

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Robin said...
Oct. 6, 2008 at 2:26 am
Aw It was realy good. It was different in style. I liked It.
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