September 25, 2008
By Audrey Harnagel, Park City, UT

A few days after my mom left for the hospital
I didn’t know the specifics,
All I knew was I was getting a little brother
Like a mail order service:
Congratulations! Your younger sibling has arrived
Pick up within five days

My dad and I loaded up the car with a fresh pizza and plenty of root beer
We headed off for Swedish
I’d never been to a hospital before
We walked down the burningly bright halls
My shining three-year old eyes wide, taking it all in
We reached my mom’s room

My mom looked tired, but also triumphant
She cradled the tiniest creature I had ever seen
My baby brother, Elliott, at five pounds, six ounces

That moment set the mood for the rest of my childhood
I was proud. I was a big sister.
I was annoyed. This stupid boy was already pulling my hair.
And I was protective. Nobody was ever going to get to this guy without my permission.

Elliott has taught me so many things
The biggest of all being patience.

He makes me laugh
He makes me scream
We share the same silly inside jokes
We deal with the same parents

He looks up to me
And I try very hard not to look down at him

El and I are complete opposites
We don’t always match up, but it keeps things interesting
He’s a history buff
I’m a soccer geek
School is motivating for me
He works to give it his best

But since that day in mid-July
When I was three years old
We’ve been together
As a family

I’m proud of Elliott
I love my brother

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