September 25, 2008
By Alexa DiSilvio, Congers, NY

It hit me all at once; I finally opened my eyes.
It wasn’t something I expected; I didn’t recognize.
The person I was glaring at, standing in front of me,
I thought he was an angel, who was he supposed to be?
He wasn’t at all what I had thought,
Depression and anger were all he brought.
A well rounded guy was what I had saw,
Never noticed one single flaw.
Unpleasant attitudes began to show,
Shocked and confused, I didn’t know.
He often said that he would never lie,
And constantly stated he would always try.
Led me on for years and years,
Until I realized and broke into tears.
He changed so much I thought he was a stranger,
Had to put a stop to it or I’d be in danger.
Loss of communication, bonding, and fun,
He left me heart broken and I knew we were done.
He continually assured me it was true love,
Until I noticed it was none of the above.
I never thought he would break my heart,
Tried pulling it together, but it fell apart.
Hoped and prayed that he would come back,
Worked harder and harder to get back on track.

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