The Princess and the Frog

June 19, 2013
Sitting on a well,
Was the fairest maiden.
Playing with a golden ball,
“plomp,” it went down,
Down to the bottom of the well.

A waterfall emerged,
Fed by a stream of tears.
Soon a frog hopped up inquiring,
“would you like some help my dear,
A friendship for your golden ball?”

The Princess swore to return the favor,
So the slimy frog dove down,
Down to the bottom of the well.
Then it soon resurfaced, up to the top of the well,
Golden ball in tow.

Grabbing the ball she darted to her castle,
Slamming the door and returned to the dinner table.
The Kings face over-ridden with concern,
As his red-faced daughter took her seat.
“What is troubling you my dear?” he asked.
A pounding began from the trembling door,
As a weak voice pleaded, “Let me in,”
The hesitant girl rose to meet the voice,
Her father’s worry growing,
He offered to call for a soldier.

The Princess declined and stumbled towards the door,
Her eyes grew with a nervous fear as she grasped the handle,
And pulled it open like a bandage.
“Wha-what are you doing here?” she stuttered,
Her eyes locked on the blob of slime standing before her.

“Of course, you remember me, and your promise,” the frog taunted.
Replaced by a growing curiosity,
Her father’s agitation disappeared.
The troubled girl quickly explained,
And her father immediately issued a harsh reprimand.

“A promise you make is a promise you will keep,
And you will befriend this frog,” the King ordered.
From that eventful day on
The princess chose her promises carefully,
And she was forever friends with the frog.

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