The Night Enchantress

September 25, 2008
By Brittany Watson, Nashville, TN

The enchantress’s appearance of sharp shards of dullen diamonds
Fills the night with her luminous twinkle
She beckons all with her glow
From the highest of gods to the evilest of devils
Her seductive power wins over all
And her glow withers with unforeseen power
The pure light of her twilight
Cloaks the ever apparent danger that comes from her light
Through her dark light
The evil of the world shed in her light
And unmask their true form
They prowl through the seemingly endless night Unforgiving
Unwavering, Unsatisfied
Energized by the enchantress’s celestial glow
Bu the moon holds pureness in her darkest hours
That let love and romance peaks to their highest
For they are allured by the enchantress seductiveness and influence
For the power of the enchantress allows us to let loose our wildest imagination
Her influence makes our dreams soar and bedazzle us
For our most strongest dreams are intertwined with the enchantress
And all of her supremacy
The enchantress is the balance of good and evil during our twilight hours
The moon is the enchantress of the night

The author's comments:
I was inspired actually by the sun. Oddly i was just sitting outside under the sun and i thought "Hm it feels like the sun is only out for a couple of minutes but the niht feels like an eternity." then this poem just started writing itself.

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