Under Water

September 25, 2008
By Caitlin Green, Schofield, WI

Trapped under the water
Like a bee behind the glass
Trying to get to the surface
But the air is leaving fast
Freezing in this freezing lake
No escaping the depth of the sea
Wishing to be a water fall
Where the entire world is free
To float like there is no gravity
Would be the perfect dream
But stuck and waiting for some one
To come and rescue me
So I wait to be a river
And just move with the flow
But when there is no where to move
While the population grows
Wish to float up to the top
Evaporate into clouds
To see everything from above
Where boundaries aren’t allowed
And be what no one else can be
But under water is where I am
And who I am to be
And wish for one giant wave to take me from the sea
Look out from the darkness
See the beach and see the shore
Where every one knows freedom
And the water is no more.

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