Word Puke

September 23, 2008
Blah, blah
Can’t write
No inspiration
Words that mean anything
Word and word
Lines and lines
Of nothing
Absolutely nothing
Why can’t I think?
Why is nothing coming out?
Word puke
Not happening today
I know that if it wont come out,
Don’t write it
But why wont it come out
It’s screaming
It’s dying inside
But its not willing to come out
It’s not willing to leave its safe place
Its sanctuary
Possibly a flaw of mine
Possibly a flaw of life itself
But it’s arguing with itself to come out
Ok here it comes
It’s screeching to a halt
It’s a mad man in charge of an army
It’s a serial killer jumping from the highest building in Manhattan
It’s a cop in the Detroit riots
It’s a small child, hungry for learning
It comes
With a mind of its own
It attacks the heart and soul of man
And it screams at the top of its lungs
And at the top of its lungs is a little black spot that wails with it
“ I am the ruler of the line, the word, the madness and all that follows. I’m the reason you exist!”
And as it wails
It cries
For no one will hear it
Or believe it
Unless written on paper
It which case the masses will believe the author
Not the mind
Not the soul
Not the little black spot at the top of his lungs.
They would never listen to that
Little do they know that that little spot is what they do listen to
There’s no such thing as one person writing
It’s a combination of nothingness, of blurry voices, and a small ambition that screams out when willing, never when told.
Never when forced.

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hjfkhskjfh said...
Sept. 28, 2008 at 12:10 pm
gr8 poem =)
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