simple times

September 22, 2008
By Kayla Wilson, West Allis, WI

I can remember life being simple
that was a long time ago but i can still picture it in my head.
A time were there was no fighting, pressure, or hate.
So much has changed since then sometimes
I close my eyes and just pretend that i am there.
Every young adult in the world does it know body understands
when we say the world is really on our shoulders.
Each day being told we our the future of this country.
Constantly pressured in school by every thing sometimes even friends.
Then we go home to what should be a sanctuary but for some isnt.
We hide tears and pain in layers of our emotions
some will never admit what they our going through
others just have no place to put it and let it all out.
Worst of all some adults or teens themselves
say we or they dont have it bad.
but there is so much you dont know.
To thoose who dont live in a hole of a life
i feel you should no how lucky you are
how privlliaged some are just to have both parents.
And adults who just dont understand we cant show you
are lives through our eyes so i guess you must trust us.
When I say tears fall constantly and pain naver leaves.
We try to clinge to watever hope we have but sometimes fall.
But every day that you see use it means we got up.
We brush ourselves of and smile because we our alive that is a privalege.
But I wont lie every now and then we curl up
in our own special place were the world cant hurt us
a place were we feel safe and cry we cry until we have no tears.
WE think back to when we didnt half to cry.......
SO long ago......
my mind looses itself just trying to picture everything.
i scream to see if any one will hear me.....
hear me yelling save me. No one ever does........
So I go back to crying and wishing the next day
i am at school smiling and playing with my best friends in the world.

The author's comments:
i believe we all have a life to do with it what we choose. We all are unique in many ways and no one has the right to say we our diffrent. But i just like to say that life is not easy but when you do fall you half to get back up.

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