September 22, 2008
Memories fade to grey
The meaning is turning to clay
Pockets full of heartache decay
Love for what wasn’t skips a day
Tell me what your feeling
Tell me I’ll be okay
Nothing amounts at the end of the day
Hope and faith are here to stay
Outbursts and doubting
Miracles and paralyzing events
Wrapped my world in a fence
I look out the window
I open the gate
I try to make it through the pain
What’s happening?
I thought I knew myself
Where did I lose that?
Or am I just realizing nothing works out
Kill the misery
Cry for life
The night meets dawn
The outlook is all wrong
The loss of importance
The reasons for occurrence
The missing of happiness
You carry it around with you
You scatter it
It falls down with you
Applying the theory to my own life
I try to escape
Make it out tonight
It’s broken
I can stop hoping
For the results of dreams
They are ripping at the seams
Lying here
I start to cry
Your aren’t here to help me be
Everything and anything I ever wanted to be
Your gone
I’m wrong
You said I’d be okay
We’ve grown apart
Every single day
And I miss us
The way it was
It’s too much to ever count on

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DRAMAandyouknowit157 said...
Sept. 27, 2008 at 8:34 pm
good. i like it =)
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