Say No

September 22, 2008
Say no, what you here all the time,
But I can't stand those two words.
I here them every day,
Say no to this and that.

Well what if I don't say no
You say I've been there well I know because I was too.
You yelled, you screamed, and you cursed,
And you still tell me to not go down that road.

Well it's to late I've all ready seen that road,
Say no to drugs.
Yeah right like that works, If that was real I wouldn't be going through this,
I'm tired of those words.

Say no to alcohol,
Say no to tobacco.
It never works so please stop,
They never helped anyone.

What do they do for you?
Are they Superman?
Are they Spiderman?
No they're just two words, SAY NO

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